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Filters and hand penalties – practically every person who has been in the industry for a long time knows examples of natural viral campaigns or campaigns relat to supporting foundations, which end up with obtaining many links and negative feback. domain impact. Total safety cannot be guarante, but you should work with methods that ensure the highest possible safety. When dozens of links decide success or failure, they must be thoroughly test and reliable links. The evolution of SEO can be loftily compar to the development of micine, which in the th century still consist of crude amputations and bloodletting, and at the end of the th century precise operations on the brain were perform.

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The field of freom and possible errors has been Cabo Verde Email List dramatically narrow, although it must be clearly admitt that this has not happen thanks to outstanding minds and advances as in micine, but because of ever-tightening pressure exert by Google. To Benjamin Franklin’s famous saying that the only certainties in the world are death and taxes, you can easily add: “and changes in the search engine”. The details of SEO will certainly change, but they will cause what they always do: publicists will once again rewrite what they have been prescribing for years, and positioners will once again adapt their actions.

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Link sources: Similar entries SEO PR – the golden mean in communication The scientific method in SEO experiments Plagiarism in SEO – legal approach A compendium of knowlge about. Htaccess in SEO A compendium of knowlge about robots. In SEO Comments Tom The method may be effective, but also very time-consuming and what is mark is very spread over time. Many factors, unfortunately, also often preclude this type of action. Interesting topic, but it is worth adding that in the case of this type of linking, we must have control over each source of linking to the probe.

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