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The waiting time for the effect is doubl (on average from two to four weeks). However, this is a much safer operation. In standard link building, a possible downgrade also takes at least two weeks, because the processing time of a disconnect link is analogous to the processing time of a new link, and also concerns a valuable page aggregating traffic. Meanwhile, in the event of a failure using the probe method, not only do we not affect the address important in the search results, but we are also able to remove it, which causes the link to be point to a error.

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Similar methods have been publish in the context Burundi Email List of testing the linking infrastructure, for example by Matt Diggity , but modern link quality assessment algorithms are not only industry-specific, but also take into account the characteristics of the link domain, as well as the form of the link. Linking from site A to client X may be positive, but linking from site A to client Y may be negative, because Google evaluates the link in the context of the entire, specific profile. A probe plac within the target domain allows full control of this context.

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This is, of course, the basic description of the procure, which in practice we significantly extend and modify in many stages depending on the application, link sources, possibilities, etc. It is easy (and worth it) to control not only link building, but also onsite implementations. Is it possible to conduct completely safe link building? No SEO activity can be call completely safe, because the search engine changes over time. What today, even with the use of a fairly safe probe method, is defin as a positive and safe link, tomorrow may be the cause of a downgrade. Positioning is really close friends with Heraclitus’ panta rhei.

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