To reduce ping and provide

 gaming experiences thanks to their 1 Gbps speed channel, according to technical specifications.

I n order to meet various user requests, they also provide the HTTP(s) and Socks5 protocols. The availability of static IPs, which guarantees a reliable connection, is one of the special features of Proxy-sale.

 connection without being interrupted by other users using the same IP address thanks to their own proxy servers.

You can have a private

In addition, they provide 24/7 customer phone lists  service to ensure that any technology issues or questions are resolved immediately.

They provide a wide selection of possibilities for users due to their extensive coverage, which includes more than 400 networks and 1000 subnets.

They provide lag-free

In addition, the platform supports all websites and allows authorization by rd or IP, offering DS Leads an additional level of protection.

Proxy-sale offers city/state selection, with accessible proxies from a wide range of countries, from the US to Japan, for individuals shy of location-based gaming experiences.

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