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Age is not the only risk factor for vaginal dryness! Excessive alcohol consumption, insufficient fluid intake, stress during the menstrual cycle, insufficient excitement during sexual intercourse, menopause (because the ovaries produce less estrogen), are just some of the causes that affect this condition. Often these problems appear due to the expansion of the vaginal canal due to childbirth, but also due to the aging process. The appearance of dryness and urinary incontinence is related to menopause. Revolution in gynecological treatments – safe, fast and simple, without surgical intervention. In the gynecology department, the Er:YAG laser is now available.

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Which acts thermally on the tissue of the vagina and stimulates the regeneration of collagen and the production of new collagen around the France Phone Number Data vagina. Laser intervention is safe and without side effects that usually appear during the application of other methods to narrow and strengthen the vaginal canal. Preparation Before starting the laser treatment, the patient must have had a gynecological checkup, Pap smear, PAP test and colonoscopic examination to confirm that everything is in order. Your gynecologist may advise you to stop smoking two weeks before laser treatment, as nicotine slows down circulation. Also, you should consume a lot of water a few days before the intervention. How is the procedure performed? Performing the procedure is similar to a gynecological check-up.

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The gynecologist, through the vagina, applies the laser, which has the form of a vaginal ultrasound probe, directing the laser rays evenly throughout the area. If the patient does not have stress incontinence, the procedure lasts about 30 minutes, if she does, then the duration of the intervention is one hour. The intervention takes Cambodia WhatsApp Number List place after the end of the menstrual cycle, 2-3 cycles or sessions with a time interval of 15-30 days are necessary. Six months after the end of the last treatment, corrective treatment can be done if necessary. Contraindications Contraindications related to vaginal rejuvenation are pregnancy, vaginal infections, dysfunction and bleeding of the organs of the genital tract, damage to the mucosa and carcinoma.

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