Massage and its positive effects

Medical massage – medical massage is the oldest manipulative technique and nowadays it is inevitable in terms of rehabilitation. Regeneration, and revitalization of the body. By using various soft tissue techniques. Such as direct pressure, using sliding, friction, vibration, or compression movements, beneficial performance is achieved throughout the musculoskeletal, lymphatic. Nervous, and circulatory systems. Blood. By reducing muscle pressure, flexibility is restored, pain is reduced. The entire system is stimulated to eliminate harmful substances in the body, and it also helps to reduce stress. Medical massage is used for all people regardless of age or profession. Sports massage – physiotherapist technique that manipulates body tissues with the aim of softening them.

The movements performed

Sports massage has been developed as a preparation of Hong Kong Phone Number Data  athletes in order to give a better performance. Due to regular training activities, stress and tension accumulate in muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. With this massage, the physiotherapist focuses on certain parts of the body, which are used through repetitive movements, and often through aggressive movements associated with certain sports or professions. The massage is done in combination with stretching or pulling, pressure on the so-called trigger points (pain points), myofacial relaxation and lymphatic drainage. It helps prevent injuries but also after injury, as it reduces muscle fatigue, improves circulation, improves flexibility, endurance and restores body regeneration.

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Lymphatic system is improved

Lymphatic drainage – early lymphatic drainage is a special technique by which the best flow of lymph is achieved. And at the same time it France WhatsApp Number List channels all the fluids between the tissues. The transfer of nutrients and the discharge of harmful waste. Sometimes due to some kind of condition, is slow or blocked, and the fluid of the lymph nodes. Which is purified, is very slowly returned to circulation through the lymphatic channels. Lymph does not have a pump. As is the case with the heart, it depends on internal tissue contractions. Such as the pulsation of blood vessels, the work or function of the intestines, muscle contractions. Relaxing muscles and improving circulation. That is, rejection of lactic acid in muscles, relaxing them deeply and improving circulation.

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