I Was Sane Enough

Suppos to do no big deal and they always did. Still, it’s important to me. Maybe I’m sensitive, maybe I’m a coward, but being push under general anesthesia and rebuilding my leg with metal was a big deal. I hardly ever cry. I cri Wnesday night and I cri Thursday morning when my partner was ask to leave. of getting on with something, which helps, but not so much when I’m trying to assess how I’m feeling and whether I’m allowing it to take up space. Ready to resume I think it would be foolish to make it a big deal.

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All things consider, I handl it extremely well with very little fuss. But I’m worri about the long-term effects this might have on me. How many neglect things have I Greenland Email List suppress that will resurface later? Am I anxious about cold weather, walking alone, hurting my legs further? My recovery will take several months. My legs are so traumatiz it’s hard to accept that I won’t be bouncing around like it’s raining in a week. Can I feel the emotions associat with this, or do I just keep doing it because it could be worse? People break bones all the time.

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Of course, not everyone breaks two bones BS Leads in the lower leg and a broken ankle, but still. It wasn’t life changing, but, kind of. I won’t be able to do a lot of work on my own for quite some time. I have appli for a few jobs and am wondering if I will be able to interview now. I will now be stuck at home for physical reasons and I wonder how this will affect my mental health? in UK Bookstore: Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Mental Health Daily.

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