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 For example, if I’m looking for information about yoga, I use words and phrases like: how to start yoga is yoga good for back pain? can an overweight person start yoga If I compare different operators, I use: experiences of company / entrepreneur Y experiences of (hatha) yoga And if I’m shopping, I use: yoga studio Kuopio the best yoga studio yoga price Kuopio So it doesn’t really matter which words you use to optimize your sales page. Remember that the number of visitors to a sales page is irrelevant if no one buys.  shopping pants on your sales page and maximize the number of sales. Other marketing materials When the sales page has been written and tested and you have made a sale, the next step is to start planning and producing other marketing and launch (or sales) material. The key to successful material is uniformity and consistency.

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 What I mean by this is that you don’t need to write about every aspect of your product in your marketing materials. But new data choose one from there. One angle, one topic, one problem or one pain point. All materials are produced around this one thing. For example, if I have written a sales page about a yoga course, where the corner is yoga as part of weight management, then the other materials should be related to this corner. Here are some examples: 5 tips before you start with yoga for weight loss 5 reasons why yoga is good for weight loss 5 things to keep in mind when you want to lose weight with yoga 5 ways to boost weight loss with yoga experiences from a yoga course  stays within one, precisely defined topic. When the marketing material is written after the sales page is written, you can pick up words, phrases and terms from the sales page.

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 When the customer finally comes to your sales  BS Leads page, the page already feels familiar, because you have been going through the same things with him for possibly several months. But if we hadn’t written the sales page first, we could have written much more diverse content for the blog, social media and newsletter list, like for example: do this when you want to start yoga 5 asanas suitable for beginners what is the difference between Yin yoga and Hatha yoga 3 mistakes when starting yoga These four sample posts are great for in-between lanning. These will bring you new readers and insiders, but few of them are likely to buy your course. Because of this, 3 months before the launch, you should focus on producing material only on topics around the course. 

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