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Also give your subconscious space to process the feedback and check that the feedback is at logical points in relation to the content. Once you’ve edited and read aloud your sales page, it’s time to test it.  test the sales page with a small sample, either with the help of an email list or in the IG / FB store. many people visit the sales page and how many buy. However, do not mention that it is a test and activate the purchase buttons if possible.

I recommend that you

 If the purchase process is not complete, add a link to the contact form or directly to your email in the purchase new database buttons. Count how many contacts you get. The conversion is calculated from these, ie (purchases / unique visitors to the sales page) x 100 (sent contact forms / unique visitors to the sales page) x 100 (email inquiries received / unique visitors to the sales page) x 100  we then know what should be developed and improved. points that already work well and leave them as they are and develop only those points that do not work as expected.

Based on the results

 Did you read this: conversion? 17 elements Register BS Leads statement and data protection SEO optimization of the sales page How to choose the right SEO keywords for the sales page? First you should know: Who is your dream client? for about the problem that your product or service solves? At what stage is he going along the purchase path (information search, comparison or purchase)? What words does he use to search for information? With this simple task, you will find 5 to 10 different words around which you can start optimizing your own sales page. , comparison and purchase decision activate different words. 

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