7 Inspiring Content Marketing Examples (And Why They Worked)

Everyone says content marketing is great, but what are some really good examples that actually delivered? To answer this question, we’ve put our Content Explorer to work. These seven examples came from filtering over 6.2B live pages in English by organic traffic and referring domains. We will also share our short analysis of why these examples came out so well. 1. Adobe’s Free Image Background Remover Adobe’s Free Image Background Remover Estimated monthly organic traffic: 5.1M Backlinks: 3.7K from 1.8K domains Adobe. In case you’ve heard about its product but haven’t heard about the company, it’s responsible for putting the

16Personalities’ Free Personality Test

Estimated monthly organic traffic: 2.8M Backlinks: 20.9K from 10.3K domains This content marketing example is so effective that someone built an entire business on it. It’s a free personality test. The site sells premium content on personal growth, customized based on the test outcomes. Why it worked In short, many people want to learn more about themselves top industry data and the people in their surroundings, so they seek advice in personality tests like this one. This company created an experience that stands out in every aspect, which allowed it to take advantage of that demand.

NeoMam’s 13 Reasons Your Brain Craves Infographics

Launched in 2013, this is an infographic about why your brain craves infographics, created by an infographic design and marketing agency in the U.K. It’s well designed and well researched. It’s also one of the few interactive pieces of content we’ve come across that actually resized correctly and worked on mobile (as of when this article was written). Why BS Leads it worked The timing was almost certainly one of the biggest contributing factors here. NeoMam published this piece of content in July 2013 which, according to Google Trends, was nearly the peak of a long-term trend of interest in infographics.

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