What is a Funnel or conversion funnel

The bounce rate of the website; The percentage of visitors by country; Traffic sources The reference sites and destination sites (of the project you are analyzing); Search keywords (organic and paid); Which social networks send the most traffic to a website; Competitors and similar sites (by topic and rank in search results), etc. Therefore, As you can see, it is a very useful tool for: Analyze your competitors , and know in what aspects they surpass you or What is a Funnel in what areas you are above them. the name of your website or another website that you want to analyze and click to search.

Important to understand

If the platform does not appear  in Spanish, you just have to click the right mouse button .Know where your competition’s traffic comes from. Therefore, and try to executive data capture that traffic. Discover the keywords for which your competition is positioning and thus be able to check if it is relevant for you to work on them in your content. We will go into more detail about all of these Similar web functions and many more below, where I will graphically explain the functionality of each section of this platform. But this isn’t an issue, given that all search queries are stripped of personal identifiers.

Then its traffic is likely a good judge of the topic’s overall traffic potential. If the page is ranking further down page one—as is the case here for “losing weight while breastfeeding”.

What is a Funnel Digital project

You can generate a SWOT analysis with all the information. Therefore, you collect from Similar web to then apply appropriate marketing strategies that improve the BS Leads results of your project. How to use Similarweb Free to better understand your digital project. And investigate your competition Now I will explain how the platform. Works and how to use similarweb to inspect your competition’s digital project. And learn about aspects of your site that will help you. Improve the results of your personal brand. The tool will then give us the results with all the information about: ranking, total visits, segmentation by country.

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