The lyrics of Elton John’s iconic song Your Song come to life in this beautiful

“I don’t have much money, but, boy, if I did. I’d buy a big house where we both could live” me) sings good old Elton John in one of his most iconic songs: “Your Song.” This beautiful song is precisely the one chosen by IKEA for its latest spot on Canadian soil. Therefore, whose emotional story is perfectly in tune with the spirit of “Your Song.” The song that plays in the new IKEA advertisement in Canada is not sung, however, by Elton John but by the Canadian singer-songwriter AHI , whose husky voice provides a very special nuance to the British artist’s legendary song. Therefore, bring Home to Life” (that’s the name of the latest from IKEA in Canada) tells the story of an immigrant family. Therefore, moves to Toronto and starts with the first look that the father takes in the new family apartment. 

The scene clearly springs from the father's imagination

If you do not see the embedded industry email list video correctly, click here The scene clearly springs from the father’s imagination. Who seems to conjure up in his head the joyous future that awaits him in the house he is about to open (where IKEA furniture will, of course, play a leading role). Signed by the agency Rethink. The production company OPC Production and the director Gary Freedman. The spot exudes lyricism from every pore (a lyricism that is, however, closely related to reality). «We wanted to tell a story that demonstrates how IKEA helps homes come to life in a touching way. And we loved being able to focus on that moment when you enter your home for the first time and can appreciate its full potential.

The ad explores the physical emotional and social aspects hidden in homes

Explains Michelle Spivak, creative BS Leads director of Rethink. The ad explores the physical. Emotional and social aspects hidden in homes. To which IKEA products and services give a very special meaning. Filmed in Parkdale. One of the most diverse neighborhoods in Toronto. The spot opted for actors capable of conveying emotions to the viewer without words and without moving. Not in vain. A good part of the protagonists of the advertisement are frozen in time and space. “There is true magic in the way houses come to life and we wanted to celebrate that magic in our new campaign. Says Johanna Andrén, marketing director of IKEA in Canada.

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