Inflation is beginning to show forecasts for mobile and computer

The rampant rise in prices is forcing consumers to lower their expectations and reduce their consumption, especially in sectors such as technology. In Spain, year-on-year inflation stood at 10.5% in the month of August, and this has had an impact on the shopping basket: food has soared by 14%. But not only the food industry has been affected by the worrying economic situation. The technology sector is also already noticing the consequences and the forecasts for the coming months are not at all promising.

The fall will not be the same for all brands

According to the consulting firm top industry data International Data Corporation (IDC) . As reported by the newspaper El Mundo. The sale of mobile phones is expected to fall by 6.5% until the end of the year (around 1,270 million units will be sold). The sale of computers. For its part. Will also foreseeably plummet and will be reduced by 12.8%. Remaining at 305 million units. China is the country where the global decline in mobile phone sales will be most evident. It is estimated that the decline will double the decline worldwide and reach up to 12.5%. In Central and Eastern Europe a drop of 17.4% is expected.

The technology sector affected by the reduction in consumption

Beyond the forecasts, the data indicates BS Leads that technology consumption has already suffered so far this year . Sales in this sector have fallen by around 7% in the first months of 2022. In addition to the current inflation. Other causes of this decrease in sales are the energy crisis caused by the War in Ukraine or the lack of stock due to the shortage of electronic materials. Although electronic devices such as smartphones. Laptops or tablets were essential during the pandemic. Especially during the time of confinement. They are “dispensable” products. In complex situations like the one that is approaching.

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