Images and videos on social media: updated dimensions

Facebook, instagram, linkedin and youtube. Stay up to date on the correct sizes for images and videos on your social channels. “isn’t life a series of images, which change only in the way they are repeated?”. As for virtual life, andy warhol was absolutely right. Think about it. When you update your social channels , you need images and . Videos with specific dimensions . The characteristics of multimedia contents vary. Mainly based on their position on the different platforms . In other words what you should do is replicate the same image by modifying it according to the end use.

Size on Facebook

We’ll give you a quick guide for your corporate communication . New Database  Here are all the dimensions you may ne for the images.  And videos you publish on facebook , instagram , linkin and youtube . Size on facebook let’s start with the most famous social network. Zuckerberg’s company offers its users the possibility of choosing a profile image.  For the company page with 1:1 proportions or.  Without speaking like great mathematicians, with a square shape. The requir dimensions are 170×170 pixels and the recommend format is .Png. Please note that the resolution of the profile image display.  By smartphones is ruc to 128×128 pixels. Don’t forget that in posts and ads it will automatically be cropp into a circle shape . We’ll give you a tip: don’t put anything important in the corners. 

Size on Instagram

When view from a computer, the width of the cover image is 820 pixels BS Leads  and the height is 312 pixels . On smartphones the visible dimensions are 640×360 pixels. Choose an image that weighs less than 100kb and . Can work for both devices, without cutting key visual elements. Pretend there are bands at the top and bottom of the image about 100 pixels high each and prepare . A graphic in which these sections can disappear without compromising the final message. They will be visible on mobile, but not on desktop. As a cover you can also adopt a more dynamic solution and insert a video instead of a static image . The video must last between 20 and 90 seconds and have a size of 820×462 pixels. 

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