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On our blog of the giant from Mountain View. Even though the thread seems quite distant from everyday SEO, in practice it is closely relat to it. These problems are a clear consequence of the ordering of results using autonomous algorithms. Any changes in this area will also affect the entire positioning. It is enough, for example, to look at how search results have chang over the last two years for a specific query – one of many that start the fashion for fake news : The change is of course incribly positive. This is just one of many elements that make up the evolution of the search engine in a completely different direction than before: towards an opinion-forming place.

Looking at the above change

It’s only been a decade since search was dominat Turks and Caicos Islands Email List by content farms and mass spam, occasionally combat in high-profile, triumphant algorithmic updates. The next updates, Penguin, Panda, increasingly limit low-quality search results. of evolution of the Google search engine, recipients began to get us to better and better results and trust them so much that, according to a study, the order of results could even affect their personal voting preferences (The search engine manipulation effect (SEME) and its possible impact on the outcomes of elections.

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In the Holocaust results

The collection of any results from the BS Leads Internet has turn into a collection of trustworthy results. It is not surprising, therefore, that an image crisis erupt when the world’s largest magazines discover with horror that search results, after all, were not as crystalline as the public thought. The management of Google could refer to the most correct “it us to be worse”. Instead, he took up the challenge (temptation?) of catching up with opinion-forming fame. Everything is to be implement using algorithms that are train on data provid by tens of thousands of employees giving opinions.

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