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Out in March , $ , program for a vulnerability directly affecting the order of search results. Its mechanism is really spectacular, and additionally confirms the wide importance of domain authority in search results. The discoverer of the error is Tom Anthony . Tom creatively us (known in the SEO world for years) open rirects. Many websites, including the vast majority of internet giant.  Have an address with a parameter that allows rirection . Usually it is us to leave the domain or return after logging in to the previously view subpage.-

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For example, Allegro include origin_url parameter: id% D% rirect_uri% D% F origin_Fallegr Fmoje-konto As intend, this type of rirection usually takes place only after Western Sahara Email List logging in, but it happens that the parameter can be us at any time, and also in relation to any address. In this way, you can create the address which will rirect the visitor to DrugDomena. This use of rirection is (in some cases: was) available on Google, Facebook, Linkin, Tesco and many others. It’s such a popular bug that it was exclud from rewards in the aforemention bug hunter program.

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During these years

What if using an open rirect to try to BS Leads convince the search engine that a strong, foreign domain is ours? It was a hit! It was enough to send Googleing a rirect from a foreign domain to a sitemap on its own domain: The crawler follow the rirection, believing it was reading a sitemap associat with a foreign domain – thereby assigning the authority of the foreign domain to the addresses present in that map. Using such an implementation, Tom quickly achiev high positions with a clean, freshly register, own domain: For two years now, Google has been struggling with an image crisis, which results from the involuntary promotion of clearly negative content and displaying ads next to it.

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