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Number had anything to do with the algorithms that prioritize search results, that adds up to an average of over updates per day. This value is consistent with the official position of corporate employees, who talk about – shifts a day. The Google Search Liaison account run by Danny Sullivan, following the line so far, report: Every day, Google typically implements one or more changes that are design to improve our search results. Some are center around specific modifications. Some are broad changes. Last week we roll out a major update to the main algorithm.

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We do them routinely many times a yearSource Twitter . There was a distinction between specific and broad updates, and a clarification: we were dealing with a broad Bolivia Email List update. This is a minor change, because until now there was also a similar distinction between core and non-core. Some authors are trying to analyze the update and announce greater transparency of Google, for example Roger Montti in Search Engine Journal, but in practice we have receiv a standard form of communication, and the update itself in tools monitoring fluctuations in search results does not stand out significantly compar to recent months: h Betteridge’s headline rule.

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The recent question “Is Google changing BS Leads its approach to SEO?” can be answer negatively – at least the current situation remains unchang. Algorithmic update in the search engine? Business as usu Link sources: Nprofit.net, Twitter, SearchEngineJourn Similar entries Google Spe ​​Update – An update on the spe of loading pages on mobile devices Assigning access to your Google Analytics account and update in the search engine – decisive factors What is Google Ads? New version of Google Search ConsoleHow often does Google admit to errors in the search engine , and why never ? The last part of the question.

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