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Much it result from manual intervention, and how much it was the result of autonomous modification, which also affects the rest of the search results. From Digital News Initiative in to Subscribe with Google in Last week, the announcement of the Google News Initiative went around the world , which aims to support high-value content publishers. It is worth noting, however, that similar activities have been carri out since with the help of co-financing worth EUR million per year, for projects such as Stop Propaghate.

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A machine learning API that automatically Belize Email List detects hate speech in news and pricts the likelihood of negative comments Spot: an AI environment that aggregates, translates and integrates valuable articles from multiple sources Finnish content recommendation system bas on machine learning implementation Now they are join by online training, offline training (Google News Lab), as well as partnerships. By the way, the trainings are really nicely prepar and we sincerely recommend them: journalism The real revolution, however, is to be Subscribe with Google,the ability to buy a subscription from the level and with the support of the search engine.

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Importantly, it is not only an implement BS Leads paywall and payment (Google commission from to %), but a really complex and deeply test system that, among other things, it proposes a subscription bas on the analysis of user behavior , and is also integrat with the Google Analytics extension in the form of News Consumer Insights . Google refers to a test cooperation with St. Louis Post-Dispatch, where there was a % increase in article views, as well as a tripling of the rate of purchases of new subscriptions. SEO Business From an SEO point of view, the most important thing is confirmation by Google employees that the changes will affect the order of search results.

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