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Act of June on cash benefits from social insurance in the event of sickness and maternity. Pursuant to these acts, ZUS and contribution payers. Employers who register more than insur persons for sickness insurance are authoriz to control employees. Example Watch the Piotr employs people in the company who are register for sickness insurance. This is too small a number of people for him to have the right to carry out an inspection. But he can submit an application to ZUS for the institution to check how a given employee uses sick leave. The employer submits an application for a sick leave check on form OL.

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Them are register for sickness insurance, so she has the right to carry out an inspection. The employer may inspect the employee personally, appoint another employee from the company or outsource the inspection to an external company. The employer issues a personal philippines photo editor authorization to the person going for the inspection according to the template includ in Annex to the regulation. Sick leave control – rules We encourage you to comment on our articles. Express your opinion and engage in discussions with other readers. We answer individual questions relat to taxes and accounting of users via e-mail, chat or telephone – contact us.

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