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The materials Both customer acquisition and retention are critical practices for the survival and success of SaaS companies. So it is very important to understand how to get success from your email marketing campaign. Smart Insight sign up to the newsletter of the top SaaS companies by posing as a Vodafone employee to document and analyze more than emails and voice messages receiv. With all this material they manag to understand the good practices to copy and the mistakes to avoid and they summariz them in tips . Follow-up for nine days Timing is a key requirement. Cradling a lead for too long is the same big mistake as following up on them for too short a time.

The right period for everyone does

not exist and depends on numerous factors, but on average the recommend number of days is nine. Just over a week to convert the lead into a customer or leave it alone and wait for him to show interest again.  Follow up for seo expater bangladesh ltd twenty-three days if you use voice messages. If you also want to include sending voice messages in your marketing strategy. It is a good idea to extend the follow up period from to days. Higher costs to create the message and send it must correspond. To greater potential revenues it would be sacrilege not to cultivate a lead enough and let it slip away.

With the lead alive by showing features

Among the companies only us voice messages. The advice is therefore to evaluate carefully before designing a campaign that includes voice messages. Send one email a day Also in this case the advice may vary from case to case. But the average number of emails sent by the companies is one per day. Keep the BS Leads relationship and relationship, updating on features, promoting and informing the reader. It is very important to find the right balance to avoid tiring the user and at the same time not neglecting him. To achieve this, a recommend solution could be to alternate sending marketing emails with sending sales emails.

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