This Past Year Has Been

How much you mitate or smell lavender or take hot baths, you won’t be able to fall asleep. You are always apologizing! It’s been a running joke for me and my friends and family, and I can’t stop apologizing sometimes! I was already saying sorry before I was sure whose fault it might be. I apologize because I always thought it was my fault, I always do wrong things. Another reason I think I apologize too much is because I’m always worri about what people think of me. I hate confrontation.

I can’t say goodbye to this

So it’s much easier to apologize and end the Liechtenstein Email List situation than any argument ever happens! I carry the world’s worries on my shoulders You’re always worrying about other people. Yes, I worry about everyone all the time. I find it almost impossible to just sit and think about me, what I might want or ne, or what would make me happy. No, my head, it was always about other people. Sometimes I feel like I’m on a feminine mission to make sure everyone around me is happy! It seems to be my responsibility! I overanalyze everything!  am a positive person.

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I overthink and analyze my

I like to do my best to always put things in everyone’s shoes and get a positive outcome. However, in order to get to this positive point of view, I would spend BS Leads hours, days, or even longer analyzing every inch of my life! I’d think about it from every possible angle and I’d be exhaust at the end! Goodbye is never just goodbye. It can never be more exciting for me and my overthinking brain than when I say goodbye to someone. Whether it’s me leaving someone’s home or them leaving mine, or even saying goodbye over the phone or text.

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