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Full of miss opportunities and regrets, I am terrifi. Small steps in the right direction pausing seem counterproductive, but at this point I was so desperate that I was willing to try anything to improve myself. I have delet all social mia apps on my phone. Having it in my pocket all the time is a major distraction, and I barely use it now. I make my goals smaller and less time consuming. So exercising once a week has now turn into exercising more often . This ruces stress and prevents me from having a meltdown with an upcoming deadline.

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I also don’t have a set day for blogging anymore Libya Email List because time pressure is again giving me up instead of motivating me. So from now on, I want. After all, blogging should be fun. for me, but I’m starting to take small steps in the right direction. Reprint with permission, originally post on I am a self-confess thinker! Once it starts, I really can’t stop my brain. too much because it gets me answers that others don’t, but unfortunately, most of the time, it’s a nightmare. What it’s like to be an overthinker.

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Overthinking means that no matter

Look for the positives! Sometimes I really BS Leads wish, I could take all the overthinking away, but sometimes it does have its positives. I can’t turn off my brain! You never seem to be able to sleep! My mind is always racing at miles per hour. It never stops, even at night. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had trouble falling asleep. No matter how tir I am, sometimes I to shut down! I might worry about something I did or said. I may feel anxious about what is to come, and may even plan something. Sometimes, I lie there and pray to my brain please.

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