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Move onNo, every comment, gesture and conversation. do i sound stupid do i look silly What are they or are they thinking of me? Should I be doing things differently? Should I message them now and apologize for all these things I did and said wrong? Anxiety kicks in and sometimes I end up feeling stress out! Look for the positives! I know to some people this sounds exaggerat and probably stupid too. Honestly, I agree! Having a mind that never shuts off is absolutely exhausting, and it can be really hard at times.

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Sometimes I really wish, I could take all Macau Email List the overthinking away, but sometimes it does have its positives. I’ve notic when friends are unwell but hide it from others. I notice many different things that other people simply don’t see. So, while this is exhausting, I honestly don’t think I really want to stop being an overthinker. Today, Year Month Day, many people celebrate the day when they love each other. It’s also the one-year anniversary of my dear -year-old baby boy losing his battle with depression and taking his own life.

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I still can’t really believe I own those BS Leads words and the whole situation. I still can’t believe that last year wasn’t a horrible nightmare from which I would eventually wake up. Yet here I am. It was simultaneously the longest year of my life, the shortest, and certainly the hardest. What I learn in my first year of grieving for my son. by far the toughest learning curve of my life, and I’ve been through it more than once. Here are some of the biggest moments of the longest, shortest, and toughest years of the year, and Connor had a night out with friends on the night of March last year.

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