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Of course it’s impact heavily on my mental health. l how something like this would affect me and I’m struggling at the moment. Everything seems pretty pointless. I’m restless. Either I can’t sleep or I sleep too much. I lie awake turning everything over in my head, over and over. Everything is negative and I can’t see the way forward from this. I’ve sh a thousand tears, and they continue to fall, mainly when I least expect it. I feel out of control emotionally.

Thirty years of employing

In some ways I feel incribly stupid, for not Austria Phone Number List realising what was going on. But ? I have one drawer that my PAs know they shouldn’t go into. It’s one of the very few rules I have as an employer. One small ‘private’ drawer. The thing that hurts me most of all is her violation of her position of trust, given with the role. She’s us my vulnerability to her advantage, waiting until I was either having a bath or resting, in other words unable to move without help. I was completely unaware. How can I trust now? The bare-fac cheek of her! I am so MAD and so ANGRY.

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With very little hassle or incident

It’s not really about the money either. It’s about BS Leads her lack of morals and respect for me. I try to be a good employer. Did she honestly think she’d get away with it? Did she think I wouldn’t realise? And why? Why would she do it? Was it just an opportunity she couldn’t miss? Is she in debt? Is someone pushing her buttons? Are drugs involv? Only she knows the the answer. I doubt I will get to know the real reason why. My ability to trust has now been badly shaken. This week I bought a lockable cabinet. I’ve never felt the ne for one before but her actions have made me think again and it’s such a shame.

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