She Knew Only Too Wel

PA and I rang my crit card provider to report it as lost stolen. Broken trust this to go through my recent list of purchases. To my horror I realis there had been some fraudulent activity going on, and what really stood out to me was that ATM machines had been us. This was an almighty give away as I have NEVER us an ATM in my life. Why’s that, you ask. Simple – they aren’t accessible. Then after learning the times and places the withdrawals took place, I knew who the culprit was – one of my personal assistants. I felt sick.

I am still in shock to be honest

This person had work for me for a long time Azerbaijan Phone Number List and it’s fair to say that I trust her implicitly. Going through the staff rota, it look like she took the card during one shift, return it on another, then continu with the same pattern. I only had two personal assistants whom I trust to help with supermarket shopping as, annoyingly, to this day, some crit card readers remain in a screw down position.This meaning sometimes I have to entrust the two ladies with my PIN number. One of these ladies had just return from being on two weeks’ leave, so it was obvious that the other PA was to blame.

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How could I have known

I was also aware of the routes she BS Leads took to get here or home after work. All the ATM’s involv were on said route., wouldn’t shit on their own doorstep? Anyone with any sense would at least TRY and cover their tracks; or so I thought. I’m really struggling I can’t say much more here as it’s now a police matter: which is another story altogether. It’s yet another sorry example of the lack of resources and footfall throughout the whole of emergency services in the UK.

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