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Using the product name, we search for an offer in the TOP of the search engine and assign our assortment there. After an hour, our offer should be visible at the right address. Graphics sources:, ahrefs, Similar entries Effective advertising on Facebook – what is it? Update of case studies The world of sensations – sales results Ways to secure your website on WordPress The most popular internet search engines in Poland and in the world What affects positioning prices?From the client’s perspective, positioning should result in increas sales, while from the SEO agency’s perspective, it should bring good quality traffic to the store.

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We know very well that sales are influenc by factors Bahrain Email List beyond the agency’s control, such as the price level, brand recognition, after-sales service or multi-channel sales. Do we know what factors influence the level of traffic generat by agencies? The answer is in the next post. The dynamic development of the e-commerce market, which translates into an increase in customer awareness, means that the top positions in the search engine are not always sufficient to build sales. We discuss this topic in several of our publications, so in this post I will limit myself to linking them: E-commerce: positioning does not sell! E-commerce: compete on prices or quality.

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Why do so many online stores fail? The BS Leads task of the SEO agency is to constantly work on the authority of the domain, which translates into increas visibility in the Google search engine. Of course, assuming that specialists work in the long tail model and do not focus on positioning a clos set of keywords. The elements that make up such a model of cooperation (at least in our implementation) are describ in the positioning tab . However, it should be remember that the approach to positioning itself or the way it is implement is not the only factor affecting the level of traffic.

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