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Or removing part of the assortment, the increase in traffic is the stage of store development. I divide online stores into four types depending on the monthly turnover: megastores – over million, large – up to million, mium – up to a million, small – up to thousand. This division is important because it significantly influences the scale of achiev results. To better illustrate this, I will use an example for the last three groups. I am omitting the group of megastores here, because we mainly provide consulting and auditing services for such companies, while supporting internal SEO departments. Customer A – a large online store.

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The present online store has been cooperating Barbados Email List with us for over years and operates in a niche of which it has become a leader. Due to the provisions of the confidentiality trust agreements that we sign with large stores, we cannot use any statistics allowing for the identification of the customer. However, we can show a domain visibility graph from the Ahrefs tool: The screenshot above shows the number of keywords for which the Ahrefs tool found the domain in the TOP search results. The above result translates into PLN , , in monthly sales (from organic results alone) and over , . sessions per month.

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This traffic is also growing successively BS Leads in comparison yy: Considering the scale of customer traffic, the above increases mean an increase of several dozen thousand. sessions per month compar to the previous year. Assuming the number of sessions at the level of , and the cost of positioning PLN , net (including content creation), obtaining a single session costs the client about PLN . . Due to the constant expenditure on positioning and the continuous increase in traffic, this cost is cyclically falling. Customer B – mium store The subject of the analysis is an online store generating several hundr thousand.

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