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For months. o almost double the traffic from organic results on the client’s website: As we can see in the screenshot above, the number of monthly sessions has increas from , to , . There is also a strong upward trend in visibility in the search engine: This client spends PLN , per month on positioning (within which we also create content). Taking into account the number of sessions at the level of , and the cost of PLN , per month, a single session costs the client about PLN . . Due to the ongoing positioning process and the increase in trust in the domain, this cost also drops periodically.

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Customer C – small shop This is a completely new Belarus Email List online store that start working with us at the beginning of this year. According to the Ahrefs tool, its visibility is also growing very rapidly: Currently, the client is already visible in the Google search engine for over , different keywords. Unfortunately, this is not reflect in the movement: Due to the fact that last year this store did not exist yet, we us the comparison to the period before. Despite the % increase in the number of sessions, the cost of acquiring a customer is drastically high.

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At this stage, the outlays on positioning BS Leads amount to PLN , net per month (within which we also create content). However, taking into account the number of sessions at the level of , the cost of obtaining a single session is PLN . . This amount is definitely higher than the cost of acquiring traffic through Adwords. The above argument is one of the most frequently cit in the case of brand new stores. It is, of course, correct, if we do not think ahead. Positioning, unlike sponsor link campaigns, brings long-term effects that are getting better over time The cost of acquiring.

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