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Launched in the new year. From a technology standpoint, this year we realized the value of the long-running work to migrate all projects to the cloud. We’re able to continue working without interruption, even when we’re on a smaller screen and sitting on a sofa instead of a desk. Among other behind-the-scenes developments we’re working on, it will provide access to the project and other resources in the future, and create Open Source Project Documentation, a multilingual technical documentation platform.

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We have extended acceptance from (Maste Honduras Email List of Translation) and (Law and Irish) course work experience students tradition. , and work from home, but they contribute a lot to the work, and we are grateful for them. Our doctoral students are working with them on toponymy and folklore courses. Even though we rarely travel, we posted some project-related content. The paper on and ú presented at the lecture is available here. Here you will find a poster about , which was exhibited in Vaasa, Finland in October. Here’s an É article about references to the Spanish flu in the school’s collection. There is a great advantage as it offers content from Irish folklore collections.

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Communities around the world BS Leads are able to access various content on the site, ie. Stories, songs, poems, anecdotes, games, prayers and pictures. Also, it’s a great teaching aid, but the content needs to be adapted to the classroom. (In order to enrich the language, it is up to the teacher to adapt the material to the situation of the children) Secondary students are required to complete eight works of oral or local literature in the primary series at school, ie. Irish schools and all Irish schools. It is easier to use ú at Gail Tucker schools, where most of the boys are fluent in Irish. Also, they know folklore.

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