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For every classroom, in Irish can learn vocabulary and expressions from their peers. I teach Irish at the á comprehensive school in ú. Here’s how I use ú in my classroom: There are two ways to choose a text The teacher can choose material from the manuscript (School Set or Manuscript Main Set) or the children choose the material themselves If the children haven’t experienced ú yet, I recommend the teacher choose Texts because they don’t know that some texts are more difficult to read due to the type and handwriting of Irish.

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The text should be chosen for the area where Hong Kong Email List the school is located as children are more likely to be interested in the subject and we speak the same dialect. Teachers should ask children what types of subjects they enjoy most; for example, they might think stories or songs are more interesting than prayers, but who knows. Adjust the spelling of the text. This means omitting silent letters and, for example. Also, if necessary, longer extensions should be inserted or removed from certain words, eg. Attention can be drawn to official standards that did not exist when the material was collected. Such tasks will improve their understanding of Irish spelling and thus their literacy skills.

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Instead, the canonical form should not BS Leads change. However, it can be mentioned that there is an alternative version in the official standard. Multi-sensory learningand we also used an overhead projector to show it ú’s original number page. The text is read aloud to ensure that all children can understand the text. They have the opportunity to engage as they read the text, as well as to ask questions about the words and discuss the topic itself. Relating the material to their own lives, if possible, can be very helpful in motivating them.

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