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In eight languages ​​and we use it in Greenland, countries. This year’s students use it to create their own termbases within the Terminology module. It is the largest item matching the spirit of the times. With the support of a research grant, we study almost. All concepts that appear in corpora of government publications and news materials. If you need terms and definitions about cocoons, stenosis or ARDS, you can find them here. There’s also a lot of thematic terms between the EU term work: compression leggings. Outbreak clusters, panties, yoga balls, biodegradable bags, short work schedules and not many others. Or maybe you’re escaping the same pandemic you’ve immersed yourself in lore.

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We celebrated ú’s fifth birthday in April, and Haiti Email List this year’s members did a great job, especially during the strict lockdown: on the most active day, ú, pages were transcribed. From ú’s main collection, and a new approach to the subject. An index of international folktales in school collections is launched, largely based on an index that identifies common themes in international folktales. Among these stories are versions of Cinderella, The Blacksmith and the Devil, The Fox’s Tale of Wisdom, and more. ; setting a new record and adding two collections, the and . Work was also done on the database and the database is now publicly accessible.

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Start researching to arrange an Irish BS Leads version. street. The corpus on the Web has grown significantly this year. In terms of content, the Contemporary Irish Corpus now includes Swastikas (increased). New content includes the Archives; Irish Topics, the Journal of the Irish Association for Applied Linguistics; the Mirror Archive; and ó. The parallel corpus adds millions of words. We also started development, which is what the dictionary team will be using next year when they start their next major dictionary project.

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