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To in time for the start of the new week. to discuss some of these issues in the hopes that these discussions will provide an interesting insight into some of the technical challenges of producing a popular project in digital humanities. The problem is there we ourselves notic it very early last week. House Group uses a variety of monitoring systems to notify us of errors on our website or stress on our technical infrastructure. It is worth noting that an unusual amount of computer work is taking place on one of our systems and we are aware.

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That as a result, there will be some delay Lithuania Email List in the spe of searches perform on some of our sites. In fact, it didn’t take long for us to hear from some enthusiastic users (we’d say there are many of you!) confirming that it wasn’t what it was, and that, in the odd case, it did fail to end the search. We’re already trying to understand the situation. Cause of the problem If the immiate cause of the problem is unusual computer load, it is necessary to understand the true source of the difficulty. What could be the reason? Did we do something wrong ourselves.

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Is there a problem with the hardware BS Leads the site is running on? Could it be that we were attack? We start by making sure the bug isn’t in any of our computer code. Then, we rely on data. One thing worth noting is a sudden increase in website traffic: web traffic on a server belonging to the research group, month to month. Since the month, on average, incoming traffic (the blue line in the graph above) to one of our servers. Good news, isn’t it? However, when we check the usage statistics we collect elsewhere.

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