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There is certainly a certain uptick in traffic when new itions are releas, and more recently when new material has been add to ú, but this is not enough to explain the difference. Another weird thing: it’s not like there are thousands of connections per second to the site, it’s slow even at night. Is it because she was too busy writing transcripts for ú after midnight? It was later realiz that there might be a milder explanation for the situation. Understanding Questions: Brainstorming If you’ve ever search on or on , have you ever wonder how a search engine knows where all the pages it finds are on .

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The answer to the question is that the robot Luxembourg Email List calls the web crawler. These are computer programs that hop from one page to another on the web, gathering information about them and following links between them. And, in fact, after we roll out a new version for the site, all of the mysterious traffic we suddenly receiv in huge numbers was from the same hackers. This becomes clear just by looking at live traffic: looking at live connection data to servers belonging to the research group, . Any data not relat to web crawlers has been hidden in this image.

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If so, why did this attack break out and BS Leads why did it put such a strain on the system? Remember, researchers behave differently than humans. Some crawlers open ten pages a second, every second, for long periods of time, which a human user would never do. We know that explorers often carry out such work in great detail, but this outbreak was severe and involv a large number of explorers from many different sources. Most importantly, websites have certain characteristics that make such actions really affect us: unlike most online corpora.

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