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For Collections Supreme Court Rules and Terminology, s its own page in the database. Making it easier to share specific concepts with others. Can be found in the glossary’s entry. Each term set now has an information page attach to it. Ó Collection of Quotations from Priests The collection is now browseable and searchable on the same page. The semantic class of the expression is display as part of the search results. The Wisdom Blog blog post list can now be filter by keyword. The list of blog posts is divid into multiple pages.

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Images in blog posts are render better. New facilities Lebanon Email List In addition to improving the work on the site’s existing resources. A number of new facilities have been provid. A linguistic database of Irish surnames was recently publish on the site. This database will be discuss in another blog post soon. A new section has been add to the site that includes open data resources and open source software develop by research groups in collaboration with our project partners. Technical documentation of open data resources and software develop by research groups is publish on our new microsite.

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An information page is available here for BS Leads students interest in working with us. Information on the National Expert Network, a new terminology pilot project run by the research team with support from the Ministry of Culture, is available here. Mind Scanning and Location Scanning: Addressing Technological Challenges Digital Humanities, IT, Robot Month That’s not our blog post for this week. In this blog we would like to describe some of the developments relat to the brand new website that was recently launch. However, it turns out that there have been some technical issues over the past few days that stemm from the launch of the same website.

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