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Whether chatgpts success was intentionally genius or pure luck is unclear, but it work. Where is email ai in the technology adoption curve. Artificial intelligence for email isnt new either. Stil, it keeps showing up on those annual lists of emerging email marketing trends to watch. So, does email ai still ne to cross the chasm. Maybe… And maybe not. When mailjet by sinch survey more than 3,000 email senders around the world, it ask respondents to select from a list of potential advanc tactics they plann to pursue in 2023. Only 13.7% said they plann to implement ai-power tools. That might seem insignificant.

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But theres something interesting about that 13.7% statistic… Lets bring the technology adoption lifecycle graphic back again. Chart shows 13.5% early adopters early adopters make up 13.5% of the public. So, if 13.7% of email senders say theyre implementing ai tools, we could make the conclusion that email ai has made it through the subset of early adopters. Next, it nes to make the b2b leads jump across that chasm into the mainstream. Of course, email ai is a big category. Youre probably already using artificial intelligence in your daily work. If you rely on a tool like grammarly to improve your writing, thats ai. Conversion testing and optimization software that automatically chooses the best-performing subject line is ai.

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 Send time optimization is a form of ai as well. And, tools like phrasee as well as jasper and others brought ai to email marketing years ago. Its fair to say that some forms of email ai have already made it into the mainstream marketing world. So, the trail has been blaz for email ai to cross the chasm into the mainstream. And the BS Leads popularity of chatgpt is making that possibility very likely. Early adopters in the email world are already playing around with ways to use it to their advantage. That might be just the push that email marketing ai nes. Whats next for email marketers. Not everyone is excit about the way email ai is accelerating.

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