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There are just as many questions and concerns as there are ideas and opportunities. If the internet age has taught us anything, its that digital technology can be us for both good and evil. We can use it to enrich lives, waste lives, or destroy lives. Perhaps youve already heard about how scammers and spammers could use chatgpt for email phishing operations. Now is the time to start discussing the implications of chatgpt, email ai, and the future of email marketing. So, thats exactly what were going to do… Join us as we partner with the team at actionrocket for two upcoming webinars on email ai. Well debate the pros and cons of solutions like chatgpt, how well they work, and what happens next.

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Register for round 1 marketers vs bots: wnesday, march 29th at 9am cdt mailjets julia ritter and actionrockets nicole holden will debate the benefits and drawbacks of using ai in email business email list marketing. Register for round 2 email geeks vs chatgpt: wnesday, april 5th at 9am cdt email on acids megan boshuyzen and actionrockets jay oram will face off over the use of ai technology for email development and coding help. If youre unable to attend either of these live events, you will still receive a link to the record webinar. So, sign up for the great email ai debate now! In marketing circles, we never tire of the phrase, work smarter, not harder.

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Theres been an explosion of tech solutions design to make our lives and jobs easier while helping us work more efficiently as a team. There are so many options out there, but its easy to get overwhelm when its time to evaluate and compare marketing technology. For instance, think about the myriad possibilities you have to BS Leads wade through when looking for an email service provider (esp). There are literally hundrs of vendors out there, each vying for your attention with different price points, functionalities, service levels, contract terms, and integrations.

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