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Even my 68-year-old mom was aware of chatgpt and wondering about its implications. Suddenly, students were using it to write papers, developers were using it to help with coding, dads were using it to fe them horribly corn jokes. And yes, email marketers were using chatgpt too. It felt more like chatgpt soar across the chasm rather than making a precarious leap. Why. Good timing probably has something to do with it, and so does good marketing strategy. The truth is, the mainstream public was well-prepar to be introduc to technology like chatgpt. Thats thanks in part to things like alexa, siri, and google assistant as well as the many chatbots people use to interact with brands.

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Chatgpt felt pretty natural to use. But the real tipping point was in the marketing of the launch. Openai ask everyone to test out chatgpt. It was an open invitation to play around with the technology. That move made all of us feel like the innovators and early adopters in the process. In reality, openai had plenty of people testing it out before its big b2b email list release. In an interview with mit technology review, employees who work on chatgpt claim they were shock that the product became a viral sensation. We were definitely surpris how well it was receiv. There have been so many prior attempts at a general-purpose chatbot that i knew the odds were stack against us.

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However, our private beta had given us confidence that we had something that people might really enjoy. Liam fus, openai scientist there are two things to take note of in the quotation above that are key to chatgpts seemingly sudden success: other chatbots had already pav the way and prim the pump for chatgpt to succe. The openai team releas something that they knew the general public would find BS Leads accessible, interesting, and enjoyable. The gaming company sega tri to launch a vr headset in 1991 but the timing wasnt right, and the technology wasnt ready. There were mp3 players and tablets before ipods and ipads came out but apple nail the timing and the marketing of its products.

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