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It can bring t is unthinkable. We must have done something wrong. These feelings in turn can make us feel we don’t deserve support and we can be acutely aware. Oof how difficult it can be for those around us. Some things the community said they would love to hear: “It’s not your fault.” ou don’t deserve this.” “You are not a burden.” “You are worthy.” “You’re not a bad person or a failure for feeling the way you do.” . Offers of help There are many practical things that we may appreciate support with. Often basic daily tasks can feel like climbing Mount Everest.

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Are we eating right or managing to get to Mexico Phone Number List our appointments. Have we been able to access support services. Some things the community said they would love to hear. How can I best help right now?” “What do you ne that I can provideShall I make tea and toast. Can I come to an appointment with you?” “I’m going to be there for you and help you find the help you ne.” “I’ve got stuff for right now. All you ne to do is focus on staying safe and as well as you can be right now.” “Can I do your ironing, and possibly clean out your oven.

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React or behave very differently

Can I make you a casserole“I’m going to make you a brew. I’ve put a sandwich and some stuff in the fridge.” . Acceptance and acknowlgment It can be incribly difficult, even impossible to explain how or why we feel the way we do. Often we don’t understand it at all ourselves. There’s no easier way to silence someone sharing their pain than to belittle, disbelieve, undermine or play down their experiences. You may not understand what we are going through: you’re not expect to, we wouldn’t want you to.

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