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So deep-seated sense of meaning, purpose and belonging. part of a community either through work, faith or secular groups. The art of relaxation Relaxation is an art and a science. By doing the things I love and that make me feel very safe and secure. I can learn more about the art of relaxation. I’m part of a drama therapy group, which I go to one evening a week and have done so for the last years. It is a very positive and supportive group which often uses the ‘here and now’ for material. I’ve learnt that combining sound.

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With movement is a really good way to Malaysia Phone Number List get a break from constant unskilful ways of thinking. I enjoy a variety of relaxing activities between drama therapy evenings, walking, gym, drama, swimming, yoga, gardening, art and writing. There is a huge variety of relaxation, meditation and hypnosis CD’s; the secret lies in regular practise. When I consciously give myself time to relax each day, I can almost memorise how it feels to be deeply relaxed and save it for a rainy day. I hope you enjoy ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’ Currently, I teach and I’m training to become a counsellor.

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I have also have a magazine style blog. I’m BS Leads not ‘sorted’ but, at the moment, I’m managing my life with mental illness better than I have been able to in the past. I hope you enjoy The Flight of the BumLiving with mental health issues is hard, really hard. But being being friends with someone who has mental health issues can also be tough. Being friends with someone who has mental health issues Mental Health Issues Friendship I have lost many friends over the years because of my mental illnesses but I have gained some fantastic ones too.

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