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You care abou Dance. and legs. . Take slow, deep breaths. Go to another room or area for a change of scenery. Reproduc with permission, originally post here: theunbreakablefarmer.au UNIT STATES iam in mental health daily tracker and journal UNIT KINGDOM iam in By Eloise CW TW: depression, suicide, cancer, long term illness On-the-correlation-between-physical-and-mental-health-pin – The connection between physical and mental health is strong, and there’s an increasing demand for physical healthcare to incorporate psychological treatment.

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I was inspir to write this blog after having Finland Phone Number List a tough time with both my physical and mental health recently. A few months ago I had a flu-type virus which meant I was unable to work for two weeks. Because of this, not only did I suffer physical effects such as tirness and low energy, but I felt even more useless than usual; “if I’m not well enough to work, what’s the point? I’m no good to anyone.” I admit that I struggl with not only the usual negative thoughts that come with depression, but at some points I felt lower than I have done in a long while.

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It also happen to come at a time where BS Leads I was struggling with work; stress and my ongoing depression was having an impact on my ability to focus, and I felt very stuck on a particular piece of work I had to complete. All these issues were piling on top of one another, and I began to question if I should be continuing With work, with life It was a scary time. I can confidently say I’m out of the worst of it, and although it may seem like a sad and negative situation, it has given me something to write about with passion. “Physical health” and “mental health.

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