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They are both concern with health, which has an impact on our overall sense of well-being. With this in mind, should we treat them separately? Should we prioritise one over the other? You may already have answers to these questions. But please read on for my opinion and some facts about how physical and mental health and intrinsically link. Now, in terms of definitions: physical health is about your body and how well it is functioning; similarly, mental health refers to how your mind functions. This does not necessarily mean that they should be thought of as separate entities instead.

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They should be view as aspects of the human Georgia Phone Number List being that exist and work alongside each other – or sometimes against each other. Previously, physical healthcare has remain very separate from mental health services. It has also been the case that physical health conditions are more commonly and openly treat than mental health conditions. This is perhaps due to the unnecessary stigma around mental health conditions (Mental Health Foundation); although these days, it is encouraging to see that mental health is being more openly talk about, particularly in the online world (in my experience, anyway.

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Despite this, there is more funding for BS Leads research on physical health conditions than mental health conditions (MQ). In their report, mental health organisation MQ state that: “just over £ [is] spent on research per year, for each person affect by mental illness. By comparison, £ million is spent on cancer research each year, which translates to £ per person affect – or times more per person.” This is a worrying finding, and shows the inequality between physical and mental health research. We can, of course, acknowlge that cancer is an understandable cause for concern amongst the public.

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