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From the sales perspective, the increase in direct sales revenue is also important: The factor influencing the above result is the wholesale of our own line of pheromones Passion for Her and Passion for Him. We have also improv the effectiveness of telephone sales and upselling of products. To sum up: despite the huge increase in competition, we manag to significantly increase sales. Moreover, we improv the average margins by several percentage points. So it was a very successful year for our e-commerce.

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Do you want us to help you increase sales in Cape Verde Email List your store as well? Contact us! Similar entries A free way to increase sales with Ceneo Searching by image in Google Images – photo search guide SEO PR – the golden mean in communication Why don’t we charge % of sales? Mobilegdon? No, but the results have chang [lots of hard data] Comments Agnes It has been shown in black and white that increasing spending on adwords can pay off. I am waiting for entry – Answer Michael And I have a question. Is it worth being rank in AdWords at all costs. Or is it better to pay a little less and take the – position? Answer Kamil Rybicki It all depends on the industry and specific phrases.

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I would even say that statistically it rarely BS Leads pays to be in the first place at all costs. This is why you ne to test and closely monitor your cost per conversion. Answer Michal TkoczIn early October , Google hir SEO legend Danny Sullivan . This surprising move, rather omitt from the Polish industry discourse, causes quite a stir overseas. The leaders of Google have act completely against the policy implement for over three years, according to which anyone dealing with positioning is delet not only at the level of cooperation, but even at.

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