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On Twitter new era? nly look with envy at the times before mid- , when Google was trying to communicate many things directly relat to position in the search engine. The main catalyst for these activities was Matt Cutts, who prepar posts, guides, as well as videos, where a Google employee in cute t-shirts, such as below, explain the details of even what a “paid link” is: In July , Matt Cutts announc his retirement for several months, which de facto end communication between SEO and Google. Garry Illyes and John Mueller try to fill his role, but unfortunately in a completely different way: by means of unofficial, cynical and even contradictory statements, which we often juxtapos (for example here.

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Conclusions from communication for three Cayman Islands Email List years boil down to: “don’t ask how the search engine works, don’t be interest in algorithms, and if you want to improve something to be higher in the search results, improve everything.” Alternatively, in Twitter’s shorter form, the responses boil down to the mocking “awesomeness” that would be enough to top the search results: Source . The greater the surprise is the employment of the always open Danny Sullivan, who for years has been dealing strictly with positioning, extensive SEO journalism and as a person active on.

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Twitter also met with a reluctant policy BS Leads implement by Google’s “communicators”. For example, completely ignor in the discussion by John Mueller: Source . What does Danny already know and what will his role be? Already on the first day of work at Google, Danny Sullivan told on Twitter about his presence at the “fair ranking” and “search launch” – loosely translat, they can be describ as an internal presentation of changes being implement in the search engine. Engineers show chang or new ranking factors that improve the quality of results. Everything happens at the concept level.

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