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About it and go to sleep. At one o’clock in the morning, I hadn’t slept yet, so I decid to go downstairs. I made a hot drink and tri to relax, hoping to fall asleep. When I sat up in b with a light in front of my eyes, I thought my mind was being pack away from lack of sleep. I turn on the kettle and turn on the TV. I figur if I relax and watch TV for a while, then I should be able to relax and hopefully fall asleep. The morning news was on TV, and I could clearly see myself and my family on the news.

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News readers told the story of a girl who Ukraine Email List won the lottery and didn’t know she had won. There is a picture of me and my family on the day my son was born. The headline was the girl who won the lottery and didn’t know she had won, and the newscaster went on to say, I was in labor and someone count my numbers for me, and I won the lottery and didn’t know I had won. Then I yell at my mom who stay with us for the night.

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When she came downstairs, I told her BS Leads to sit down and take a deep breath because she was going to be startl. I really believ I won the lottery, I point to the TV and said look, we won the lottery. Into the Unknown My mom look at me, then at the TV, very confus. Then she went upstairs to find my partner. When my mom came upstairs, I saw the lights and heard the sound and knew something was wrong. I knew something was wrong so I call an ambulance.

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