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It they told my family to call the midwife out. A community midwife came out and immiately she knew something was wrong. I’m lucky she knows what that is. She told my family I was suffering from postpartum psychosis. She explain to my mom that it was a severe postpartum mental illness and that I would recover. Even though my husband and I are health professionals, neither of us has heard of it. I remember going to my GP practice and still thinking I had won the lottery My GP is well dress.

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I thought she was all dress up for the shot Uruguay Email List of me winning the lottery. exist In the room, I was exhaust and ask if I could lie on the couch. I was living in Leicester at the time and there were no bs in the mother and baby ward and I was put into a really horrible looking old mental hospital where I work as a student at the time Nurse, I was six days old at the time. years ago. It looks like a haunt house. I recogniz some of the staff and patients on the ward. I know where I am and I know I just had a baby, but I don’t know why I’m there.

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I knew my relationship wouldn

Then as my mind rac, I got what I can only BS Leads describe as mind-numbing mication. As I walk into the lounge of the ward, a woman turn cartwheels and another patient fell to the floor. I got a b at the bottom of the dorm. I was separat from my six day old baby. It was so confusing, I was terrifi and believ something was happening when it wasn’t. Then I saw on TV my husband being wheel into an ambulance and I turn off the TV that people were watching because I was so terrifi of what I was seeing.

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