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Ppossibly wish for in life I look at my beautiful baby and couldn’t believe he was mine. The first six days of my son’s life were the happiest of my life. I was too happy to sleep. I’m very talkative and emotional, and I was exhaust after the birth. After three nights of no sleep, the midwife on the maternity ward said she would take my baby to nursery so I could get a good night’s sleep. When I get the chance to sleep, I just can’t. When I get a chance to write poetry in the middle of the night instead of sleeping.

Even when I do get

I also call my grandmother around : AM to¬† tell her how much I lov her. I’m us to surviving on very little sleep during pregnancy. When I qualifi as a nurse, I fell into the deep end, often dragging myself to work after getting very little sleep. I was sick throughout my pregnancy, often UK Email List working seven nights in a row, getting very little sleep, and being sick multiple times a day. I am very sleep depriv. early signs Somehow, I us to thrive on very little sleep. When I couldn’t sleep after giving birth, I was almost fully recover and didn’t know anything was wrong.

Country Email List

The chance to sleep

I was in the wrong ward and my pajamas BS Leads were button wrong, but I blam that on fatigue. I was discharg from the hospital five days later and was not ready to go home. Breastfeing is a struggle, and it hurts. I also have trouble peeing because my cuts are deep because my son was born with his hands on his head and he cut me with his nails when he was born. The first night home was horrible. Trying to do everything and no time to sleep.

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