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I hope this with others Up Previous article Retir entrepreneur with a moderate degree of disability Next article Prohibition of competition-restricting practices – what practices are prohibit? Clausisclaimer on ifirma.pl We encourage you to comment on our articles. Express your opinion and engage in discussions with other readers. We answer individual questions relat to taxes and accounting of ifirma.pl users via e-mail, chat or telephone – contact us . Retir entrepreneur with a moderate degree of disability Małgorzata Jagusiak – accountant April , Blog , Taxes , Own business Do you have a moderate degree of disability and run a business.

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Premium you will pay. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive new knowlge in the field of accounting, business and technology once a week. Only valuable information. Wizz sow dares email Accepte regulating i zapisuję see do newsletter zawierającego philippines photo editor  informacje o produktach i usługach ifirma.pl. * Since the introduction of changes to the regulations on calculating health insurance premiums for entrepreneurs, especially natural persons, discussions on the settlement of health insurance premiums in business activities have not end. In today’s publication, we will discuss the settlement of such a contribution by a retir entrepreneur who has a moderate degree of disability.

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Insurance premium Many entrepreneurs continue to run businesses despite reaching retirement age. A health insurance contribution is duct from the pension receiv, so the person is cover by compulsory health insurance. This does not change the fact that health BS Leads insurance contributions must also be calculat and collect from business activities. There are several exceptions to this general rule, one of them is describ in the link publication. In this case, at the beginning of , a letter was even sent from the Office of the Commissioner for Human.

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