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How to Get that will be the subject of the campaign, but even more essential is the updating of the main salesperson in a B B company, the company website, to support the buyer journey. Today we will try to analyze it to understand how to improve the performance of the site. How to apply the elements of the buyer’s journey to the company website The process that leads to the insertion of the elements of the purchasing path within the website is part of a broader strategy which aims to create an extremely engaging browsing experience for visitors, shorten the process times sales and generate higher quality leads. signing the contract.

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Site data analysis In the study of buyer personas, qualitatively important data is collectd for. The creation of the buyer wedding photo editing service journey, however a quantitative analysis is also useful for mapping. The contents of the website. The main data on the behavior of site visitors, in addition to traffic, page positioning , clicks and conversion rate into leads, are. Mouse movements Browsing from mobile devices. Pages visitd Exit points from the site To make the best use of data and fully understand the browsing and purchasing path of prospects, there are many tools, today in particular we will examine which we test every day and support the analysis of the elements mentiond previously.

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HubSpot and  platform is very effective in collecting data on visitor behavior, among other functions. Thanks to the analysis tools it is possible to know the performance of individual pages, articles on the company blog and every publishd content. buyers journey analysis with hubspot In particular, thanks to the Contact Timeline function (in the image an example of you will have visibility on every contact activity, even prior to conversion into a lead, to understand BS Leads the source that brought them to the site. The pages visitd, the contents read before and after any direct contact with the sales representative.

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