I Did It More In The Past

In UK Book Store: Iam in Mental Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal AvailableSome people deal with skin picking, hair loss as a side effect of anti-psychotics or a result of Trichotillomania (hair pulling), difficulty swallowing their food as a side effect, cavities or lost teeth from depression or dry mouth from their mications. Don’t just look at someone’s greasy hair or bad teeth and assume they’re lazy or gross. You don’t know what they’re dealing with. It may be a miracle that they are still alive, that they have inner demons despite judgement from the world and the mean voices in their head.

I also wash my hands

Have odd quirks that start as symptoms but Peru Phone Number List aving Obsessive Compulsive Disorder means I experience intrusive thoughts and obsessions. I also experience paranoia. In my personal experience, the intrusive thoughts are usually images of people killing me and the obsessions are usually about germs. That’s how my mind has operat ever since I can remember. It’s stressful. It makes me anxious. It puts me on ge, even making me irritable at times. Seeing someone strangle me over and over again, while I’m trying to pay attention in class, is difficult and upsetting.

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Two or three times

So I’ve develop routines to ease the pain BS Leads of my thoughts. For instance, I check underneath the b or in the closet at least three times a day, usually no more than ten times. I also check all four corners of the ceiling. It’s the OCD and paranoia exacerbating each other. I have intrusive thoughts of people hurting me and I’m paranoid, so I’m afraid a murderer is hiding under the b, in the closet, or behind the shower curtain. I have been doing this ever since I can remember, and I’ve got really good at doing it when no one is looking.

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