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What’s the ideal length for email copy? Email copywriting is an essential part of creating good marketing emails. We’ve talked about strategies like the Problem, Agitate, Solve (PAS) method elsewhere, but let’s recap before we dive into the recommended word count. When crafting your email copy, keep in mind your readers have a short attention span, tend to skip introductions, and scan the rest of your text. This means you need to make your email copy clean and to the point. A good email copy emphasizes important points, so your reader doesn’t miss key points of your email. Ideal length: 50-125 words.

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Best practices: A/B test your email copy in different segments of your mailing list to see what works best for your list as a whole and individual segments. Avoid basic grammar and style mistakes that impact your conversion rate and click-through rate. What’s the ideal length for a CTA? CTAs are arguably the most important part of your email content once your readers open your email. A well-crafted CTA drives clicks to your landing page and boosts your readers’ response rate. You want your CTA to be specific and action-oriented. However, don’t make your CTA too long! You risk losing your reader’s attention.


Improve your sales with these 3 email marketing tricks

Ideal length: 2-4 words. Best practices: A/B test your CTA to see what works best for each segment of your mailing list. Should you target your reader’s fear of missing out (FOMO)? Should you appeal to their financially savvy side with a discount? Test out different CTAs to see what your audience responds to. Keep your CTA action-oriented and to the point. What are the best strategies for each type of email? Each email is different, and while our recommendations for specific email elements are a good place to start, let’s review some best practices for the types of emails your ecommerce business might send.


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