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The new year with an awareness campaign looking for Irish language experts. Willing to answer occasional questions about terminology in their field. We’ll be teaching: E’s masters program is offering a new module, while undergraduates also have modules. On naming linguistics and terminology. We look forward to some opportunity to present our research in Brussels. At a conference on regional loss) and at the summit in Barcelona. Keep an eye on this blog, newsletter and social mia for various projects for the latest news throughout the year.

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Work Report Names Local Wisdom Terminology Palestine Email List Corpus Terminology Team Activities Publications New Developments Technology Developments Research Month We’ve had a busy and enjoyable year working in the office. A batch of new work has been solidifi, and research results have been present to the public in various forms. After years of strict lockdown, we took this opportunity to start living again and be part of the Irish-speaking community. Not only that, but some really nice things happen: for example, month, ó Ó Dr. I’s Quality Manager was award the President’s Impact Award. The award is for é and projects in the past year.

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We particularly enjoy the one held on campus BS Leads in September, where the Minister launch a new version of the website. A full report on the content can be found here. For two days, a large crowd gather for a great debate. We’re very pleas with the improvements to the site’s data structure and layout, more comprehensive search results, and an interactive map of the entire site. In terms of terminology, the highlight of the year is the terminology workshop we hold in November. We are pleas to welcome a large group of terminologists, translation researchers, and other visitors to campus to discuss various aspects of terminology.

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